About The Girly Book Club

Here are some things about me:

I live in DC, I recent[ish] college graduate with a Masters Degree in Education. I teach 7th and 8th grade English at a public middle school down the street.

I love to sing. I’m in a post-collegiate a cappella group (a fancy way of saying, “we still want to sing after college”) called The Noctonals.

See all of these awesome things that I do? Don’t you wish you were me? Even if you were me, (which you’re not. Sad for you) I think you’d be wanting something more. You know what that thing is?

Book Club. Girls only.

All false [and not-so-false] pretentiousness aside, I wanted a place where a group of people could come together and talk about a book. I’m all about the shared experience. There’s something about collectively reading the same book and having an intelligent discourse with no pressure or strings attached. Another caveat I wanted to add to our book club was that it would only be women. Now, a lot of my male friends (especially those in The Noctonals) were sad/mad/jealous and wanted to be in the book club, too. “We read books! We like talking about stuff!” They all said. But there’s something satisfying about coming together as one gender to talk about literature. No pressure to have a crush on someone in the group, no boys to out shine anyone. Just girls talking about the three B’s: books, boys and booze.

I started this book club a few months ago and it’s still going strong. This blog will be a place for other readers to come and read about our shared experience and join the conversation.


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