First Post!

I’ll admit that my friend, @chickennug_girl, got me inspired to create my own blog(s). It’s been a common trend of mine to create a blog and then abandon it like an unwanted puppy on Christmas. (Who wouldn’t want a puppy on Christmas? Nazis. Stupid Nazis.) I even think I have another post on another forgotten blog about abandoning blogs. Interesting.

What makes this blog different is that it actually has purpose and direction, not just me wanting to write shit down and tell people. This blog is about my awesome book club with some of my closest girlfriends. What I’ll try and do with this blog is post my personal thoughts on the book and also the group’s collective thoughts on the book as well. My hope is that others will follow along and that we can have an online blogging book club as well as my awesome live one. Or it could just be me writing out into outside space internet land with no one reading but my mother. Either way, you’re laughin’!

PS, if you’re interested in reading my friend’s blog on clean eating and running (I get seriously addicted to reading blogs), you can read it here:




One thought on “First Post!

  1. Love. It. And thanks for the mention!

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